The Drakers: (Animation, 26x26 min.) A co-production with Ferrari about two young Formula X drivers who compete in the kids’ championship for the Drakers team.

Virus Attack: (7-13 animation, 52x13 min.) A scientist’s discovery allows five guys to become anti-viruses that can combat the viruses planted on earth by an evil being.

Playtime Buddies: (Preschool animation, 26x13 min.) Each story encourages the development of positive social interaction and cognitive skills.

Angel’s Friends: The Secret World Around You: (Kids/tween animation, Season 1: 52x13 min., 2: 52x13 min. in prod., TV movie) Gabi, Urié, Raf, Dolce and Ang-Li are sent to live among humans before they can become 100-percent angels.

Puppy in My Pocket: (Animation, 52x13 min.) The adventures take place both in Pocketville, where pets live before they’re assigned to a child; and in the real world where children in need of friends are matched with pets.

Partidei: (Kids animation, 26x26 min.) In a future world where computers and robots have complete control of society, a small group of boys and girls, led by the old sage Asari, try to save mankind from slavery created by the machines

Cat Leopold: (Animation, 78x5 min./26x13 min.) This cute comedy series is about the adventures of a very kind cat, Leopold, and two mischievous naughty mice.

Dinofroz: (Animation, 26x26 min.) Four childhood buddies find a way of accessing a parallel time dimension, where they find themselves as dinosaurs, in the middle of a never-ending war with dragons.

Beast Keeper: (7-12 animation, 26x13 min.) The adventures of the young Jay, Mac, Alice and Toto, who accompany the brave Keep as he searches for his origins.

Gormiti: The New Adventure: (Animation, 52x26 min.) The new Princes of Gorm are called to action when an ancient evil rears its head and the legendary Magmion returns.

Monsters & Pirates: (Kids animation, 26x13 min.) An enchanting adventure in the seas of the fantasy, searching for the legendary treasure of Captain Barracuda, in which friendship and courage triumph.

Saladin: The Hero Who Became a Legend: (Kids CGI animation, 26x26 min.) Produced by Multimedia Development Corporation and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel, set in the 12th century desert lands of Western Asia.

Treasure Island: (Animation, 26x26 min.) This series was born from R. L. Stevenson masterpiece, blending the classic story with a wider and complex tale that takes us far beyond the island, the treasure and Stevenson.

Sissi: (Animation 26x26 min.) Inspired by a real Empress of Austria named Princess Sissi, focusing on the relationship with her large family and, above all, with her lover Franz.