Eddie is a Yeti: (CGI animation, 26x3 min. HD) Eddie is a yeti but the world isn’t ready for yetis yet, so he constantly has to be in disguise. A co-production with Toon Goggles.

The Drakers: (Animation, 26x26 min. HD) Chris and Fabri are two young racecar drivers who compete in the kids’ championship for the Drakers team.

Virus Attack: (7-13 animation, 52x13 min.) A scientist’s discovery allows five guys to become anti-viruses that can combat the viruses planted on earth by an evil being.

Playtime Buddies: (Preschool animation, 26x13 min.) Each story encourages the development of positive social interaction and cognitive skills.

Angel’s Friends: The Secret World Around You: (Kids/tween animation, Season 1: 52x13 min., 2: 52x13 min. in prod., TV movie) Gabi, Urié, Raf, Dolce and Ang-Li are sent to live among humans before they can become 100-percent angels.

Puppy in My Pocket: (Animation, 52x13 min. HD) Pocketville’s beautiful kitty princess Ava, who matches children with pets, is accidentally sent to the real world, while our protagonist Kate, is sent to Pocketville in her place.

Partidei: (Kids animation, 26x26 min.) In a future world where computers and robots have complete control of society, a small group of boys and girls, led by the old sage Asari, try to save mankind from slavery created by the machines

Cat Leopold: (Animation, 13x13 min. HD) This cute comedy is about the adventures of a very kind cat, Leopold, and two mischievous mice.

Dinofroz Dragons’ Revenge: (Animation, 26x26 min., 26x26 min. coming soon, HD) Tom and his three 12-year-old school buddies find a weird board game that opens up a gate between the present and the past, leading them to another dimension where they become dinosaurs.

Beast Keeper: (7-12 animation, 26x13 min.) The adventures of the young Jay, Mac, Alice and Toto, who accompany the brave Keep as he searches for his origins.

Gormiti: The New Adventure: (Animation, 52x26 min.) The new Princes of Gorm are called to action when an ancient evil rears its head and the legendary Magmion returns.

Monsters & Pirates: (Kids animation, 26x13 min.) An enchanting adventure in the seas of the fantasy, searching for the legendary treasure of Captain Barracuda, in which friendship and courage triumph.

NORI—RollerCoaster Boy: (CGI animation, 52x11 min.) A little rollercoaster boy must stand up to the evil tycoon Vegas, who is threatening to build Vega Land and destroy Nori Park.

Saladin: The Hero Who Became a Legend: (Kids CGI animation, 26x26 min.) Produced by Multimedia Development Corporation and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel, set in the 12th century desert lands of Western Asia.

The Treasure Island: (CGI animation, 26x26 min. HD) This series was born from the R. L. Stevenson masterpiece, blending the classic story with a tale that takes us far beyond the island, the treasure and Stevenson.

Sissi the Young Empress: (2D animation, 26x26 min. HD) Inspired by a real Empress of Austria named Princess Sissi, focusing on the relationship with her large family and, above all, with young emperor Franz.

Nano Invaders: (Animation, 52x26 min. HD) Follows the eye-popping adventures of 11-year-old Hikaru, who is dragged into a series of battles between two rival alien clans.

Little Suzy’s Zoo: (CGI animation, 26x2 min. HD) Witzy is a live, fluffy duckling who spends blissful days in the sunshine amidst the laundry endlessly drying on the clothesline with his teddy bear Boof, the musical bunny rabbit Lulla, the calico giraffe Patches, and the chenille elephant Ellie Funt.

Atomicron: (CGI animation, 26x13 min. HD) At the meeting point between the world of matter and the world of antimatter, a battle is taking place on mysterious microscopic planets known as the Atoms.

Bug Rangers: (CGI animation, 52x11 min. HD) Squiggz, Cosmo and Flutter are best friends who spend their time buggin’ on down the boardwalk of life in episodes loaded with action and silly humor.

Cuby Zoo: (CGI animation, 52x11 min. HD) Cube-shaped animal toys come to life when the humans are away and go on adventures through magical space.

Adventures in Duckport: (2D animation, 52x11 min. HD) Features the original Suzy’s Zoo character set, which includes Suzy Ducken and her friends Jack Quacker, Penelope O’Quinn, Corky Turtle and others.

YooHoo & Friends: (CGI animation, 52x13 min. HD) After garbage starts to fall from the sky, YooHoo and friends go out to investigate, discovering waste meteors that endanger Yootoopia.

Secret Wings Pollen Princesses: (2D animation, 26x13 min. HD) Tells the story of the Pollen Princesses, who live in the ocean world of Glimmer in a colorful archipelago.