Escape from Planet Earth: (Animated adventure/comedy) The 3D animated family comedy catapults moviegoers to planet Baab where admired astronaut Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser) is a national hero to the blue alien population. A master of daring rescues, Scorch pulls off astonishing feats with the quiet aid of his nerdy, by-the-rules brother, Gary (Rob Corddry), head of mission control at BASA. When BASA's no-nonsense chief Lena (Jessica Alba) informs the brothers of an SOS from a notoriously dangerous planet, Scorch rejects Gary's warnings and bounds off for yet another exciting mission. But when Scorch finds himself caught in a fiendish trap set by the evil Shanker (William Shatner) it's up to scrawny, risk-adverse Gary to do the real rescuing. As the interplanetary stakes rise to new heights, Gary is left to save his brother, his planet, his beloved wife Kira (Sarah Jessica Parker) and their adventure hungry son Kip.

Olympus Has Fallen: (Action/thriller) Former Presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; using his inside knowledge, Banning works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers.

The Call: (Thriller) When veteran 911 operator Jordan Turner receives a call from a girl who has just been abducted, she soon realizes that she must confront a killer from her past in order to save the girl's life.

Lone Survivor : (Feature Film) Based on The New York Times bestselling true story, tells the incredible tale of four Navy SEALs on a covert mission who are ambushed by the enemy in the mountains of Afghanistan.

The Wolf of Wall Street : (Feature Film) Martin Scorsese directs the true story of New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort, whose success and affluence in his early 20s as founder of the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont warranted him the title “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods: (Animation) The film is based on the hit Dragon Ball series. It’s one of the most seen animated series of all times, with millions of fans worldwide.

The Nut Job: (Feature Film) Follows the travails of Surly, a mischievous city park squirrel, and his rat friend Buddy, who plan an outrageous nut-store heist and unwittingly get embroiled in a human bank robbery.

Parker: (Crime thriller) A thief with a unique code of professional ethics is double-crossed by his crew and left for dead. Assuming a new disguise and forming an unlikely alliance with a woman on the inside, he looks to hijack the score of the crew's latest heist.

Side Effects: (Psychological thriller) A woman turns to prescription medication as a way of handling her anxiety concerning her husband's upcoming release from prison.

Son of God : (Feature Film) Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado portrays the role of Jesus as the film spans from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

The Possession: (Thriller) A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl's father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child.

The Master: (Drama) A 1950s-set drama centered on the relationship between a charismatic intellectual known as "the Master" whose faith-based organization begins to catch on in America, and a young drifter who becomes his right-hand man.

Looper: (Action/sci-fi) A criminal organization in the future sends murderers back in time to kill the last versions of themselves.

The Mortal Instruments: (Feature film) Set in contemporary New York City, a seemingly ordinary teenager discovers she is the descendant of a line of Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of young half-angel warriors locked in an ancient battle to protect our world from demons.

Still Alice: (Feature film) Alice Howland, happily married with three grown children, is a renowned linguistics professor who starts to forget words. When she receives a devastating diagnosis, Alice and her family find their bonds tested.

House at the End of the Street: (Thriller) A mother and daughter move to a new town and find themselves living next door to a house where a young girl murdered her parents. When the daughter befriends the surviving son, she learns the story is far from over.

Song For Marion: (Comedy/drama) Tells the story of a grumpy retiree whose wife encouraged him to join a local choir.

Transcendence: (Feature Film) Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp), is the foremost researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working to create a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever known with the full range of human emotions.

The Hateful Eight: (Feature film) Quentin Tarantino’s eighth major feature picks up a decade after the Civil War and charts the journey of a group of bounty hunters, outlaws and fugitives after they all wind up seeking shelter from a blizzard in the same cabin.

No Escape: (Feature film) In their new overseas home, an American family soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape in an environment where foreigners are being executed.

The Legend of Hercules: (Feature film) In Ancient Greece 1200 B.C., when prince Hercules learns of his real identity, he must choose to flee with his true love or to fulfill his destiny by overthrowing the tyrannical rule of the king and restoring peace to a land in hardship.

Stand Up Guys: (Comedy/crime) After 28 years in prison, Val (Al Pacino) gets out and reunites with his partner Doc (Christopher Walken), who has been contracted by Claphands to avenge his son's accidental death and kill Val.

The Butler: (Feature film) Tells the real story of a White House butler who served eight American presidents over three decades.

Beautiful Creatures: (Young adult/fantasy) A supernatural love story set in South Carolina. Ethan longs to escape his small Southern town. He meets a mysterious new girl, Lena. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town. Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Irons, Thomas Mann, Alice Englert.

You’re Next: (Feature film) The Davisons decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a family union at a slightly rundown weekend estate, where they come under siege by a mask-wearing team of crossbow-bearing assailants.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary: (Anime) In this present day story, Saori Kido, a girl troubled by her mysterious powers, joins Seiya and his company of Bronze Saints at the Sanctuary, where they wage a desperate battle against the Gold Saints.

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death: (Feature film) Four decades since Arthur Kipps traveled to Eel Marsh House, a group of children, evacuated with their teachers from the perils of Blitz-era London, awaken the home’s darkest inhabitant.

Black or White: (Feature film) Elliot Anderson fights to maintain custody of his granddaughter from his reckless son-in-law who he blames for the death of his daughter.

Secret in Their Eyes: (Feature film) A team of FBI investigators, Ray and Jess, and their DA supervisor Claire, are torn apart when they discover that Jess's teenage daughter has been brutally and inexplicably murdered. Thirteen years later, Ray returns to L.A. after uncovering a new lead that he feels can permanently resolve the case.

Autobahn: (Feature film) After a heist goes terribly wrong, Casey Stein finds himself on the run from a ruthless gang headed by mob boss Hagen.

London Has Fallen: (Feature film) The British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances and his funeral becomes a deadly plot to kill the world’s most powerful leaders, devastate every known landmark in the British capital and unleash a terrifying vision of the future.

Ender’s Game: (Feature film) In the near future, a hostile alien race called the Formics have attacked Earth. If not for the heroics of International Fleet Commander Mazer Rackham, all would have been lost. In preparation for the next attack, Colonel Hyrum Graff and the International Military are training only the best young minds to find the future Mazer.

The Age of Adaline: (Feature film) After miraculously remaining 29 years old for almost eight decades, Adaline Bowman has lived a solitary existence, but a chance encounter with a charismatic philanthropist reignites her passion for life and romance.

What If: (Feature film) Medical school dropout Wallace, who has been repeatedly burned by bad relationships, meets Chantry, an animator who lives with her longtime boyfriend Ben, and they form an instant connection.

Caballeros del Zodíaco : (Feature film) Warriors called “Saints” are the champions of hope who have always appeared whenever evil threatens the world.

Nightcrawler : (Feature film) This suspense thriller tells the story of a driven young man who finds a home in the nocturnal world of freelance crime journalism in Los Angeles.

The Imitation Game : (Feature film) The story of Alan Turing, a British mathematician and code breaker who helped the Allies to victory over Nazi Germany during World War II and was highly influential in the development of the computer. He was also persecuted for his sexual identity in 1952.

Paddington: (Feature film) Paddington arrives alone in London from his home in the Peruvian jungle and meets the kindly Brown family, who offer him a temporary home, but he soon catches the eye of a sinister, seductive taxidermist and it isn’t long before his very existence is under threat.