The Tempest: (Telenovela, 150x60 min.) Marina takes a job at a fishing port, where she meets Damian Fabre, captain and owner of a fishing boat named “The Tempest.” At first, their strong personalities clash, but love soon emerges between them.

Life of Lies: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) This is the story of Oriana, a woman who thought she had a full life with her husband and her little daughter. Destiny is about to offer her a path full of hardships in which she is forced to run away to another country because of her husband.

Wild at Heart: (Traditional novela, 150x60 min.) Even though she never met her father, life seemed perfect to Maricruz. She lived with her grandfather and her sister, surrounded by nature. But by meeting Octavio and falling in love with him, her entire world changed. Life will put some difficult tests in front of her which she will have to pass: losing her biggest love, her grandfather´s death and meeting again with her father. Now she will be able to face her new destiny being "wild at heart."

Hollywood Heights: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) Drama series centers on Loren, a shy teen whose musical aspirations inch closer to reality when she wins a songwriting contest for Eddie, a rock star at the top of his game.

The Stray Cat: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) Esmeralda, who has lived a life of hardship, falls in love with her best friend Pablo, despite the fact that they come from different worlds. Their love will survive time and distance, but it will be wounded and put to the test by lies and betrayal.

What Life Took From Me: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) Montserrat is torn between Jose Luis, a Navy Corporal with whom she had a secret romance, and Alejandro Almonte, the rich heir she is forced to marry but eventually falls in love with.

A Shelter for Love: (Telenovela, 150x60 min.) Luciana meets Rodrigo, who is currently engaged to a rich girl. A strong attraction grows between Rodrigo and Luciana, which little by little becomes a deep love.

Look Who’s Asking: (Comedy game show format, 60 min. daily) Celebrities come up with challenges and games for people from the audience to join in. In this format, we will see celebrities asking crazy questions or suggesting quizzes that make a parody of their own abilities and commonly known stories.

The Dating Office: (Hidden camera dating format, 60 min. eps.) A new show in which love will be found in the most unexpected ways. What would happen in your work colleagues attempted to be matchmakers? What if they choose three people who could potentially be someone's perfect match, but they act as if they are just new additions to the work team? This new format attempts to renovate the dating genre and make it happen in a completely new atmosphere: the workplace.

Crown of Tears: (Telenovela, 115x60 min.) Refugio will have to bear harassment and humiliation in order to get her kids ahead; the love from a mother who goes to the extreme of denying herself regardless of the pain they will cause her.

Carousel: (Children, 200x60 min.) Values such as friendship, equality and respect for others are emphasized in the story, allowing children and adults to reflect on society’s current and important issues.

CQ: (Teen comedy, 80x30 min.) Tells the adventures of eight high school students who will make children and grownups laugh out loud with their stories and pranks.

True Love: (Telenovela, 120x60 min.) The security and protection Victoria and Nicole receive from their bodyguards will turn into true love.

Little Giants: (Talent show, 120 min. eps) Teams made up of children who are between the ages of 4 and 11 compete to win votes from a jury that consists of celebrities who were also once child prodigies.

Playback: (Talent show, 70 min. format) A jury composed by four celebrities must discover if the artists acting on stage are singing live with their own voices or if they are lip synching with someone else's voice hidden behind the Playback Booth.

Infringement: (Traditional novela, 150x60 min.) Natalia and Veronica are two twin sisters who share a rather tragic past. After being separated while they were still a pair of teenagers, they have become complete opposites. Veronica is a cruel woman who married Felipe, a wealthy heir. Natalia is a simple woman who has had a difficult life, but has a noble and generous heart. After a short encounter, Veronica, with hidden false intentions and using blackmail, asks Natalia to replace her, breaking out in her a struggle between the love she starts feeling for her sister’s husband and the pain of confronting her own blood’s bad intentions.

Beautiful Love!: (Telenovela/traditional, 150x60 min.) Santos is unfairly accused of committing fraud. This situation forces him to escape to México using a new identity, as a mariachi singer. In a bar he meets Maria, a singer who works there. Pure love develops between them, which will be complicated by the problems from Santos’s past and Maria’s eternal suitor, who will do anything to win her love.

Love Rules: (Telenovela/comedy, 150x60 min.) Upon discovering he had a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Jesus goes back to Mexico City after seven years. Jesus will do anything to be near his little girl so he takes a job as a secretary. In this odd situation, he will meet Alma, who is engaged, but despite the circumstances they both fall in love, avoiding all kinds of obstacles in order to be happy.

The Lady from Vendaval: (Traditional novela, 150x60 min.) Marcela will do whatever it takes, even finding a provisional husband, in order to save “El Vendaval,” the property her mother left her.

The Color of Passion: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) The lives of Lucia Gaxiola and Marcelo Escalante have nothing in common, but their destinies will intertwine due to hatred and revenge.

Street's Virgin: (Comedy, 150x60 min.) This love story between Juana and magazine editor Mauricio Vega takes place in a modern city, full of corruption and drug trafficking issues.

Poor Rich Family: (Comedy, 150x60 min.) This is the story of two families who have nothing in common, but are now forced to live in the same house.

Loving You Is All I Want: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) Amaya and Maximiliano must fight against many hardships in order to discover if their love is stronger than the unfortunate past lived by their parents.

Bandidas: (Traditional novela, 150x60 min.) Fabiola, Corina and Amparo are the daughters of widower Olegario Montoya, owner of the Hacienda "Las Bandidas." The plot revolves around the love stories of three sisters and an old family rivalry between Olegario Montoya and Rodrigo Irazabal, because he thinks that Olegario caused his brother’s death. The three sisters have to live and overcome a series of lies and betrayals to see their love be fulfilled, even the fact that one of them falls in love with the number one enemy of his father, causing his father's wrath and a storm of conflicts.

Miss XV: (Children/teen, 150x60 min.) Valentina and Natalia, best friends born on the same day, decide to have a joint 15th birthday party.

Ugly Duckling: (Children/teen, 300x60 min.) Everyone will want to know if Patito finally achieves her dreams: meeting her father, becoming a famous singer and staying next to Matías, the boy she is in love with.

Dreaming to Sing: (Ent. format, 13/150 min.) Seeks to find the best performer, someone whose personality will not only shine above others, but also someone who can convey all kinds of emotions through their talent and performances. Each episode will be full of breathtaking performances, shocking surprises, unforeseen family reunions, even some celebrities will surprise the contestants. The protagonists: The citizens from different towns and regions of nation.

Everybody and their Brother: (Humor format, 52/60 min.) A fun show carried out by a group of 100 people putting acts together like a flash mob, directed by "the leader," who will also be hosting the show. A new televised concept for all members of the family, in which the main characters are 100 people who will be working in sync. All 100 of them will find their victims on the street, pranking them in all different kinds of original and hilarious situations. Anyone can become, without any notice, a victim of the 100.

Parodying : (Light ent. format, 14x150 min.) Two well-known comedy personalities, who are experts in parody, will form teams to compete and try to find the best contestants with the most outstanding abilities in the art of comedy and parody. Each week, the personalities will help contestants to sharpen their skills and set up amusing routines in order to be scored by the Critics’ Panel, formed by acclaimed comedy and show business stars. The "Transformation Chamber", Characterization and Parody are the essential elements for the contestants to show their versatility while playing comedians, actors and singers from a wide variety of genres.

Angry Words: (Quiz show, 60 min. eps.) There will be three different teams of two in each game. Each team made up by a contestant and a celebrity that will be playing from the set through electronic devices like tablets; and people can join in from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the app on their mobile devices. Whoever can place a word on the board will automatically win a prize. This show is based on two of the most successful word games that have transformed the Internet in the last couple of years: Angry Words and Mezcladitos.

Dancegerous: (Ent., 120 min. format) Two celebrities choose contestants to form groups. Both teams face each other dancing on different dance floors that are just as fun as they are dangerous.

The Power of Destiny: (Telenovela, 150x60 min.) Wrongly accused of the death of a gang member, Ivan Villagomez had to flee to the United States. Banished 11 years, Ivan never gave up and with effort, discipline and perseverance, achieved success.

Los González: (Comedy, 30 min. eps) Mixing fiction and reality, the series features a fake family performing hidden-camera pranks on real victims.

Sing It, Sell It: (Ent., 30 min. format) A program in which any object can be sold by unknown people, singing, bursting with imagination and sympathy.

Forever Yours: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) Arturo has been happily married to Eugenia for 10 years. Sonia, Eugenia’s cousin, is consumed by an obsessive love for Arturo. Isabel spent two years married to a conman. Surprising events will change the course of their lives.

Head Over Heels: (Classic telenovela, daily 60 min. eps.) Natalia falls in love with Diego. They never imagined that their lives would dramatically change because Rodrigo, Diego’s twin brother, was ready to do anything to get Natalia.

The Madame: (Drama, 150x60 min.) The Madame is forced to narrate the story of each of her girls as soon as she is kidnapped for that matter by dangerous mafia capo Alejandro Puerta.

Ale Hop!: (Format/talent, 100 min.) A variety talent show that seeks for the best VIP entertainer. Each week 7 coaches help 7 celebrities to prepare a variety performance.

Night Shift: (Late night, 120 min. eps.) Here you’ll find everything that makes people laugh and entertains them on TV: falls, jokes, compromising situations, sexy girls, audience interaction, candid camera, music, hilarious guests, challenges and more.

Trivia Crack: (Quiz show, 52x41 min. weekly/260x22 min. daily) Adapted from the app of the same name, challenges contestants with questions on science, history, arts, sports, entertainment and geography.

This Is Your Song: (Talent competition, 14x90 min.) Presents singers who get on stage to dedicate their success to a special person in their lives. But they aren’t alone—3 captains guide the 3 teams formed. The captains are music celebrities and their participation is also at stake.

The Wacky Old Games: (Quiz format, 60-70 min. eps.) These popular games are adapted and modified for the TV stage. The set and the environment reflect the spirit of these crazy games from all over the world.

Push It!: (Quiz format, 30-60 min. eps.) A fun and competitive quiz show in which you push or are pushed out of the game. Each time a contestant answers a question correctly, he wins money and he decides which rival to "push" towards a red expulsion area. Expulsion is violent and unexpected, capturing the face of terror on the contestant as they are surprised by a sudden jerk which throws them back into an area they cannot see.

Dancing for a Dream: (Reality, 8x210 min.) Twelve celebrities and twelve talented participants from all around the country get together to show their best dance moves and make their dreams come true, with the audience having the final say.

The Dark Widow: (Series, 80x45 min.) Being raped as a child unleashes a fury in Griselda Blanco that will carry her through her dangerous life as a drug trafficker. She will always try to outwit the difficulties in her life, but can she escape death? COPYRIGHT: A Televisa, S.A de C.V. Co- production and Caracol Televisión, S.A. A production by Producciones RTI, S.A.S. © for Televisa, S.A. DE C.V. and Caracol Televisión, S.A. based on the original work by José Guarnizo, adapted for this production by Yesmer Uribe with the advisory of Gustavo Bolivar Moreno.

Italian Bride: (Comedy, 150x60 min.) Fiorella must provide for her ill sister after the death of her father. She meets the man of her dreams while working on the ranch of the Ángeles family.

Shadows of the Past: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) A past filled with hatred and pain will mark the destiny of two young lovers who will have to risk everything for love.

The Feast of the Goat : (Traditional, 70 min. eps.) The story of Rafael Trujillo, the cruel dictator of the Dominican Republic, and his wife Mariana, who would seek revenge after learning that her husband had imprisoned and sexually abused her sister.

Dolphins with the Stars: (Reality format, 70 min. eps.) Ten celebrities spend one month living alongside their dolphin partners and perform for the public in a dolphinarium, which becomes a TV stage. A jury and the public decide which celebrity-dolphin couple wins the competition.

Mad Mall: (Hidden-camera format, 30-50 min. eps.) A hidden-camera comedy show that captures the amazement of real shopping mall customers with TV’s top practical jokes.

Project Adam and Eve: (Reality makeover format, 60 min. eps) Five girls and five boys live for two months at the “M Clinic,” one of the most experienced aesthetic improvement centers in the world, where they undergo a process of physical and emotional changes that transform them into the perfect Adam and Eve.

Stand Up: (Talent show, 120 min. eps.) Talent show for parent-children duos illustrates what it takes to jump from Internet star to TV star.

Malquerida: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) The love between a mother and a daughter will be put to the test and only true love will be able to cast aside a blind passion that kills.

My Heart Is Yours: (Comedy, 150x60 min.) Ana Leal must take two jobs to survive; in addition to working as a dancer, she becomes the nanny to the seven children of a wealthy widower.

Until the End of Time: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) Destiny will bring together the head of a chocolate empire and a racecar driver.

I Don’t Trust Men Anymore: (Classic telenovela, 150x60 min.) Harassed by her employer and then imprisoned for a murder she didn’t commit, Maria Dolores gains her freedom and seeks to find the son taken from her and get back the man she lost.