The Ice Hotel : (Culture, 1x60 min. HD & 3D) Each year, 150 passionate workers help to create this incredible structure, which contains 36 guest rooms, a grand hall, a bar for 400 people and even an Ice Chapel.

Player’s Parking Only: (Automotive, 13x30 min. HD) Showcases the automotive stylings of today’s professional athletes, including David Beckham, Reggie Jackson, Jimmy Vasser and Michael Strahan.

Yum: (Food/cooking, 26x30 min. HD) Chef Dwane McIsaac and a variety of guest chefs prepare innovative dishes utilizing a diverse range of local food and beverages.

I Died: (Doc., 1x60 min. HD & 13x30 min. HD in dvpmt.) Brings to life the accounts of people who where clinically dead, but lived to tell their stories.

Telling Amy’s Story: (True crime, 1x60 min. HD) A young mother is shot by her husband; her story is told by an impassioned police detective, as well as her friends and family.

Distant Shores: (Travel/adventure, 104x30 min. HD) Paul and Sheryl Shard venture to Bahamas, Antigua, St. Maarten and other places in the Caribbean for the winter.

Kayak Bassin’ : (Fishing/adventure, 13x30 min. HD) A new style of fishing show, packed with exciting bass action and valuable fishing tips, with episodes set in Florida, Texas, Mexico and more.

Wildlife Crossroads : (Wildlife, 6x60 min. HD) Takes viewers across four East African nations to explore their national park systems.

Air Boss: (Reality/flight, 6x30 min. HD) Takes viewers behind the scenes and into the souls of these otherwise reclusive performers to uncover who they really are and why they cheat death for our entertainment.

Dinner Party Art Class: (Dating/cooking, 13x30 min. HD) Reality TV show that combines dating and relationships with fine wine, fine food and fine art.

Saving the Ocean: (Marine life/conservation, 10x30 min. HD) Chronicles the unsung heroes who are creating hope to help bring fish populations and endangered species back from the brink and creating hope for today’s oceans.

Hellbound?: (Social, 1x60 min./1x90 min. HD) A provocative, critically acclaimed documentary that wades right into the center of the heated debate: “Do heaven and hell exist?”

I Am Not a Rock Star: (Arts/music/social, 1x60 min./1x90 min. HD) Filmed over eight years by award-winning director Bobbi Jo Hart, follows the dramatic coming of age story of classical piano phenom Marika Bournaki from age 12 to 20.

Infidelity : (Social/culture, 4x30 min. HD) Profiles people having affairs and discovers that infidelities are complex issues with complex reasons and don't boil down to simple lust and mischief.

Twist of Faith: (Current affairs, 13x30 min.) We take an ambitious global journey to discover how religions and spiritual traditions impact societies and individuals around the world.

Robot Warriors: (Science/technology, 1x60 min. HD) Examines the science, the technology and the impact that robotic warfare has on our society today.

Persecuted Christians : (Current affairs, 1x60 min. HD) Exposes and explores many of the current atrocities and inhumanities that Christians are facing in Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan.

spOILed: (Current affairs, 1x90 min. HD) Takes a provocative, often humorous and ultimately frightening look at the deceptions surrounding our vague understanding of oil.

Getting Away Together : (Travel/lifestyle, 13x30 min. HD) Highlights the rapidly growing trend of sharing a vacation with friends and family, with each episode featuring a new group of travelers as they unwind with meaningful travel experiences in fun locales, with vacation rentals as their home base.

Animal Attractions TV : (Factual, 45x30 min.) From the secrets of choosing the right pet for your lifestyle to making the most of the visit to the vet, has regular features incorporated in each episode that is filled with pets and fun.

Fraud Squad—Scam Me if You Can: (Crime, 6x60 min. HD) Takes an investigative approach, revealing details about each crime and criminal with compelling storytelling and cliff-hanging bumpers.

Dog Dancing School: (Social, 1x60 min. HD) Heartwarming film about two amateur dog dancing enthusiasts and their teacher at a small dog dancing school on the outskirts of London.

Father Figures: (Social, 1x60 min. HD) Documentary that follows a woman who, while making the effort to get to know her father better, discovers a man she's horrified by when a dark secret is revealed about his new international relationship.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Scam: (True crime, 1x60 min. HD) Story of deceit, theft, police incompetence, international loopholes and the apathy of a major corporate bank.

The Aviators: (Flight/science/adventure, 52x30 min. HD) Joins aviation expert correspondents as they cover a broad range of topics designed to keep both pilots and aviation enthusiasts informed and entertained.

Life with Alex: (Social, 1x60 min. HD) Documentary about the groundbreaking work of Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her African Grey parrot, Alex, the first animal in the world to be taught meaningful English speech.

Cat Show: (Social, 1x60 min. HD) Features Carly, an exceptional 27-year-old blind woman from Ireland who devotes every spare moment to traveling across the U.K. with her five Persian cats, participating in the high-energy world that is the British cat-show circuit.

Volcanic Planet: (Science/adventure, 1x90 min. HD) Filmed in Congo, Iceland, Italy, Vanuatu, Hawaii, Tonga, Turkey, Guatemala, New Zealand, Costa Rica and under the Pacific Ocean, a fast-paced tour of the world’s most active smoking mountains.

The Mangia Cake Boys: (Lifestyle/food, 13x30 min. HD) Follows two outspoken bakery shop owners, Giovanni (Gio) from Italy and Leonardo (Leo) from Uruguay, in their day-to-day activities and the customer requests for their unique products, the misunderstandings, some of the language barriers, their interactions and their ingenuity when they are (often!) running behind schedule.

Gourmet Escapes with Massimo Capra: (Travel/food, 26x30 min. HD) Season two travels the world with North American celebrity chef Massimo Capra, chronicling his ongoing quest to search for the best foods worldwide, while meeting interesting people, having amazing adventures and cooking up a storm with local chefs.

The Travel Guy: (Travel/adventure, 52x30 min. HD) In season three, travel to unique destinations; explore amazing attractions, participate in activities that range from shark and crocodile feedings to discovering ancient ruins, snowmobile on glaciers, zip-line high in the air through a lush rainforest, step into haunted places, create local gastronomic treats and look at the world as your playground.

Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents: (Social/culture, 1x60 min. HD) Follows children and parents enrolled in three groundbreaking interventions.

Of Oozies and Elephants: (Culture/wildlife, 1x60 min./1x90 min. HD) International scientists travel through Myanmar to investigate the practice of semi-captive elephants logging forests.

The Upside Down Book: (History, 1x60 min. HD) Using a bare-bones inscription on the inside cover a 1938 copy of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto, the filmmakers investigate the power of family lore as they track down the original owners.

Quest for the Cup: (Sports docuseries, 8x60 min. HD) The London Knights will be hosting the 2014 Mastercard Memorial Cup in their third straight appearance in junior hockey's championship tournament.

Bucket Wish USA: (Adventure/inspirational, 26x30 min. HD) Cancer survivor Adventure Aaron will help people realize their ultimate bucket-list wishes across the U.S.

Teens 101: (Social/culture/family, 13x30 min. HD) Combining interviews with experts and personal accounts from youth and their parents, helps guide them through these difficult years.

Ski Television: (Ski/travel/sport, 26x30 min. HD) Ongoing sporting series covering a wide range of skiing interests such as destination resorts, competitive ski instruction, cutting-edge personality profiles, competition updates and the latest industry profiles.

A Look at Luxury: (Lifestyle, 3x60 min. HD) Takes the viewer on a unique journey into the very highest levels of the luxury sector, introducing us to the passionate people creating tomorrow’s masterpieces or those who have been supplying the rich and famous with fabulous goods for decades.

Elvis Home Movies: (Bio./history/arts/music, 1x60 min.) Lost and forgotten in a closet for decades, this rare 8mm color home-movie footage dates back to the summer of 1956; this is the oldest home movie of Elvis Presley in a private setting.

Truewild—Kluane: (Adventure/arts, 1x90 min. HD) Artist Cory Trépanier straps an easel to his back and steps into the Yukon wild for a month to explore Kluane National Park and Reserve’s untamed beauty and majestic mountains on canvas.

Rock N Roll Mamas: (Social/culture, 1x90 min. & 1x60 min. HD) Three indie rockers strive to follow their creative dreams while raising their children.

Queen Mimi: (Social/culture, 1x90 min. & 1x60 min. HD) Marie "Mimi" Haist defied her adulterous husband and moved onto the streets in her 50s, while making some unlikely friends, ranging from local loves to Hollywood A-listers.

Jesus Meets the Gay Man: (Social/culture, 1x90 min. & 1x60 min. HD) A heartfelt story of reconciliation, forgiveness and renewal.

Wildside TV: (Adventure/wildlife, 13x30 min. HD) Takes viewers to unique places and on amazing journeys that include swimming with whale sharks, zip lining over alligators, venom extraction of deadly snakes, going face-to-face with wild gorillas and much more.

Canada Rockies Series: (Doc., 6x60 min. HD) Recounts the stories of legendary mountain people through compelling and dramatic narratives featuring the isolated valleys and pristine summits of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Drunk Wisdom: (Comedy, 13x30 min. HD) Questing topics are philosophy and religion, sex and relationship, conspiracy and politics; the show will make you think, I wish I’d said that.

The Hard Way: (Lifestyle/business/reality, 26x30 min. HD) A reality show that sets out to help struggling businesses with their problems.